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Blessed by Matthew Epperson

There is a huge wave of cynicism that clouds prison inmate’s views. Not only their views, but converstation, ideas, and hopes are all subject to jadeness. Most prisoners believe every prison staff is a rat (snitch), that every person from a different ethnic group is part of their stereotype, and that every parole hearing is rigged. I must admit, if you’re not careful, that presence of cynicism is infectious. Fortunately, I have thanksgiving embedded deep in my DNA.

From an early upbringing, I learned the value of being thankful. I dont walk around with dumb optimism or outlandish theories, but I do enjoy looking for the brighter side of a bad situation. I owe most of this standpoint to my parents; which is where my blessings start, if I were to count them off. My parents were very strict in their discipline growing up, but it all stemmed from LOVE. My folks loved, and still to this day, love me and one another. Regardless of my incarceration, my parents, in my opinion, could not have done a better job.

I won’t bore you with all of the things I’m blessed with. That would sound braggadocious. But, I do want to say this… I am blessed to have optimism and a future from inside these fences. I hope you all take time to look at your blessings and thank whom they stem from. It really makes life more enjoyable being thankful.

Go see something live!

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  1. I struggled with depression after my husband had an affair and left me a few years ago. My whole life collapsed over night. I had to pull myself out of it. I began with a daily ‘gratitude diary’ where I wrote down what I was thankful for. It helped me to see what I had, not just focus on what I’d lost. Some people are naturally optimistic or pessimistic, but gratitude is something deeper than your mood.


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