Charles Sims

Why Do People Count Us Out, By Charles Sims

I know that for the most part a lot of us that is incarcerated lose credibility for making decisions, about things in prison, as well as in freedom, but, it is nice every now and again to be counted for because we do still have the compacity to make the right choice, believe it or not. I made mistakes along the way and these mistakes were what gave me strength to over come negativity and hard work. I made myself a victim by myself, and I refuse to remain a victim, and the only way to change my situation is to work hard and make good choices, and sometimes our good choices may become-not the right choice, but that’s just a part of life that people in here and in freedom go through. The important thing is that we make the type of choices that does not result in sacrificing our freedom. I have learned to weigh all my options so that I can make a positive decision that will not result in illegal activity or bad behaviors. I have also chosen to be contrary to the belief of ‘once a criminal, is always a criminal. ‘ It is meant in the sense that even though I have spent 23 years in prison (for robbery) I am no longer the criminal element. I am not perfect of course but I am conscious and steadily moving forward in a positive direction..

Charles Sims
DOC #A340-460

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  1. You stated…”The important thing is that we make the type of choices that does not result in sacrificing our freedom”.
    And I must add…’or the freedoms of others’, Charles.
    I had a wonderful adolescence, growing up in a home that nurtured our creativity and growth. Yet in 1982 I went to work for someone who was the devil’s advocate. The money was phenomenal, and the power addicting. Yet walked away from it after 8 years because even I knew it was wrong.
    At any given point in our lives, we can choose to do the right thing. And with practice, we can remain that way.
    I am an alcoholic and drug addict with 25 years of practice. I am also clean for over 27 years now. And I have not killed or harmed anyone since the late 80’s as well.
    When friends or family struggle with their addictions and come to me for advice, I tell them ‘I choose not to let it into my life any longer’.
    I am not doing without, because I don’t let it in.
    Best to you Charles, as I have seen and read other posts you’ve submitted, and I am certain that you can choose to do no wrong, as well.

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  2. I believe our human nature is selfish and only believes we can change. Truthfully everyone can but we are only told the stories of those who go back… not the stories of those who change and use their time incarcerated and make positive changes. Let’s change that! We need more people speaking up after they get out instead of disappearing into the mundane.

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