Joshua Hairston

Generation”Ignorance”(The Information Age) by Joshua Hairston

To whomever has taken of time, (man’s most precious commodity) and given it to one with little other to reciprocate,Thank you.

Huey P.Newton once wrote to the effect of this,there are two types of suicide:Reactionary and Revolutionary. He went on to explain the two types;Reactionary,when oppression becomes so great,beyond the threshold of endurance,that one ends his own life;Revolutionary,when one recognizes and accepts that death is more probable than not,under such oppressive circumstances,he risk his life,even willing to die to create change.
What happened to that kind of MAN?A man that would give it all that he has and is to further a greater cause.The hope of freedom has enslaved us,legislated “equality” has made us susceptible to injustices.We NEED action,but we settle for talk.A nation,a tribe,a family will never establish itself,if the MEN fail to stand for something,if the WOMEN fail to support them,if the CHILDREN grow up ignorant to their predecessors’ struggle,failing to appreciate the gain and lack the desire to fight and further that cause.
I am employed by The Va.D.O.C.,as a tudor,a teacher’s aide,I am often heart broken to see young black men who do not comprehend the importance of education.Men who are oblivious to their history.I take it very serious,my duty to first encourage and inspire them to learn,then admonish them,and inform them of the sacrifices of their ancestors.Captors murdered men,women,and children who resembled you in order to remove not only knowledge but the desire of its acquisition.Your mothers and fathers died,your brothers and sisters died;brutally mutilated, martyred to return to you that human propensity ,the unalienable right of all mankind.The right to elevate ones state of existing:The right to pursue knowledge.Yet,we despise the weight of a book in our hands,the weight of its knowledge in our head.
“A Black man with a book,(150 or so years ago)invoked fear,even greater, in some, than a nigga with a gun-present day”.


Joshua Hairston
DOC #1411138

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