Franklin Sutton

by Franklin Sutton

I’m an inmate in the Kansas dept. of correction at El-Dorado Kansas, and for the past 2 and a half hours I have been watching CNN coverage of the march on Washington with the youth of tommorrow in tears, because of the messages that they where giving about the lost of the 17 kids that were gun down at Stoneman Douglas High School and all of the killing that is going on around the world.
My hat is off to all of the young kids that are doing things to make a change in this world that has been taking the youth of tommorrow away to damn soon.
I know how they are feeling, because I see all of the young inmates come into the system everyday off of the bus from the over-crowding jails here in Kansas. Some of these young men just don’t seem to care about anything but the gang life, because they just don’t have the family around them that we had back when I was a young man growing up in the MLK’s Days. I remember we were doing the things that they are doing today. The Marches,the protesting everything.
All I want to say to the youth of tommorow, keep your head up and don’t let the Gov. stop you from doing what you know in your heart is the right thing to do. I know, because they tryed to stop us back in the day (1970’s).
And to Emma Gonzales everyday I will pray for you and the all of the young adults that spoke today, in order to keep on having the strenght to keep the fight going. And like I said, don’t let anyone tell you nor stop you from speaking your voice, I heard you from prison in my cell. I truely believe in all of you and I’m watching you as well. May God Bless you and keep you safe.


Franklin Sutton
DOC #30443

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