“Quote” by Zoila Villa

“When you listen to the right tune, and the lyrics express your soul truest feeling, it lift you up_ it’s a beautiful thing”

I love music it is the key to my heart it how I express my true feeling….:-)
Right now listening to one of my favorite artist song by Jennifer Lopez
“Waiting for tonight” by JLO

Zoila Villa
DOC # WE8159

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  1. Although our taste in music is different, I cannot imagine a world without it. May your day be filled with music that lifts your spirits.


  2. Zoila, I too cannot live without music, even if I’m not a JLO fan. But I’m beginning to think our superstitions and practices are limiting us to this universe, and there are many more that may not listen to music at all.
    I don’t much listen to the words when a song is playing. It’s the flow and ebb of the rhythm and the beat that keeps me motivated.
    For now, God Bless you and strengthen you through what you can connect with.
    I read dozens of poems daily here, often wondering if other writers are aware that these could be put to music.
    Or that some writers produced their poetry with only that intention in mind…Steve Winwood, David Bowie, Stevie Nicks, Stephen Stills, and my favorite band, Blue Oyster Cult.
    Have a wonderful, and musical, day.


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