Ahmad Golson

by Ahmad Golson

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My name is Ahmad Golson inmate#731732
My outdate is 8/31/2020

I turn 37 this August 5th and my reason for this blog is to meet a youg lady in hopes to find my mate

I am from Toledo,OH and I have been coming back and forth to prison ever since I was 18 and in high school
Because I am uneducated I never got a chance to get on my feet and do better for myself
I always wanted to find my nitche and settle down but I have found this easier satd than done
In my hometown I have enemies who just wait for me to do something for them such as this yonger generation I have to face coming home to
I take after my mother who is way too nnice

Ahmad Golson #731732
p.o. box 56
lebanon oh 45036

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