The Loss of a Loved One by Fifi

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  1. Fifi; I do not what its like to loose someone, but my sisters and mom do. My sister, who we call Popcorn, miscarried five times in a row, but finally had five boys. My sister, who we call Rabbit, also miscarried one, My sister, who we call Negra, miscarried one. My mom miscarried triplets, a baby girl, and a baby boy. All this to say that ( I don’t know if you read the bible or if you have one there) King David in the Old Testament lost his child. But what he said is so true, he said, “He cannot come to me, but I can go to him”. He was talking about heaven, there is such a place and that where my sisters babies are and yours. But there is only one way to get there and that is through Jesus, You can have that assurance that one day you will get to see your baby in heaven.


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