Joshua Hairston

*Pipeline * by Joshua Hairston

Are you in favor,of child labor,slavery for babies –
Ye’,Ne’…Maybe –
Unsure of the question you’re being asked –
What?!,it seems stupid,foolish, even crass –
I know,I know your answer is obvious –
The point to be made,is that you do not really understand politics –
See,when you support these delegates and senators –
who pass bills for cash bills and pretend to be tough on crime,though they themselves are criminals –
You support their agendas –
by conforming to these laws you enforce their interests –
You in part enslave the youth –
Incarcerating the youth –
increasing the population in prison,stealing society’s newest citizens –
LIFE!, these kids have not experienced it –
They have not lived long enough to be missing it –
Prison is Big Business, isn’t it –
Dollars signs for sentences –
Politicians got plenty sense –
White…collar crimes warrant no time,in no time they’re spending it –
Money they benefited,from criminal activities –
No penalties –
just silly fees –
pennies literally –
Nation of Freedom,Please –
government of the people,your vote means something if your ballot is green –
your pockets deep,your wallet for lease –
Can you afford to make a handsome donation –
Travel to campaign sites,for back patting and hand shaking –
Rubbing shoulders with wealthy others who’ve made the payment –
laid the pavement –
and listen to an unscathed man claim to fix the state of the nation –
this is called lobbying –
often by the ignorant,it is called democracy –
The potential to be great,contributing to the rise of the planet –
snuffed out,puritan minds have planned this –
cut off,before recognition of chances –
I know this to be the crop –
(the handle of the whip),I’ve noticed the plot –
Got my whole family –
My whole “at risk” neighborhood, and now they’ve gotten their hands on me –
Where is my father,my father is doing time –
Where is my uncle,my uncle is doing time –
Where is my brother,my brother is doing time –
35,000 dollars a year,per man,business is doing fine –
They’re babies so maybe they won’t remember it,No bravery so maybe they won’t mention it –
Mother’s will cry, but watery eyes won’t pitch a brick –
children can be charged as adults,contradicting laws guard the places they’ve pitched their tents –
preventing those who delve,proof of whose innocent –
they need bodies for mattresses –
from cradle to penitentiary –
a billion dollar industry –

Joshua Hairston
DOC #1411138

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