All with the Best Intentions by Jennifer Prince

I lived in a 3 bedroom 4 car garage home. My beautiful baby boy Robert and myself. Vern would go to Europe a lot on business and I was home alone a lot. Vern didn’t live with me but paid all my bills, bought me whatever I wanted, and had I not been such an idiot I could of went to Europe with him. But 18 and way too good to travel with a trick I blew it off.
I began to get bored. I’d drive to my parents every weekend and they’d take Robert to give me a break and spoil their Grandson. I drove downtown, then to Polk St. Just to see what was going on. A rule of Verbs was he’d continue to pay my bills but no Polk St. people. At this time Vern was gone a month and what he didn’t know won’t hurt him.
Well I see my friend Barry out on the street being evicted from a roach hotel. Now Barry had always helped me out and I felt I needed to see if he could use a ride. The ride turned into why don’t you stay in the extra room until Vern gets back. That turned into me using again and my weekends away from Robert turned into 3,4,5 days. The month flew by and Vern busted Barry at my place. All bad…
He stopped my money. Darryl paroles and moves in. I think we no longer need Vern. It wasn’t even a full month before my garage was a lab to cook meth. I was so tweeked out I felt it was no place for a baby and I called my Mom and told on myself. She sent my uncle to get me and the baby, and take me to them. What a long awful ride. When we got there we talked and made a deal. Robert would live with them until I complete a long term program. I agreed. My Dad already had one set up but, I used every excuse to return to the house. Promising to come back soon. Aside from weekends here and there I never kept that part of the promise, but I didn’t ever try and take Robert while I was in the life. My biggest regret was not going straight to that program.
No responsibilities………

Jennifer Prince
DOC #W45626

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