Matthew Epperson

Music In My Life by Matthew Epperson

Have you ever had a song impact you so much that words couldn’t describe the feeling? A song that comforts and depresses you at the same time? Maybe the vocals, guitar, or even orchestra hit familiar notes that arouse a memory or spark a new yearning? A song you have to hear more than once when you hear it, or shouldn’t listen to it again because in doing so, you’ll ruin the virginity of its impact? For me, that is a number of songs. But one in particular is the song that will be played at my funeral… Little Wing by Jimi Hendrix AND Stevie Ray Vaughn. Every time I hear it, chills go up and down my spine. The most artistic, melancholic, and triumphant construction of chords ever orchestrated. Obviously, this is only my opinion. There are other songs in other genre’s that I hold a special place for, but that one is my all time favorite. No matter what mood I’m in, Little Wing makes me feel unexplainable. It strikes a different tone every time I hear it. Hit me up on the jpiggity ( and let me know your song.

The beauty of being a musician is the ability to create songs that stir up a cocktail of emotions. Since becoming incarcerated, I’ve grown tired of playing cover songs. Sure, it pleases the crowd to play songs that are familiar to them. Heck, when I played on the streets I made all sorts of money playing cover songs. Not that I wont play them anymore, it’s just that the satisfaction is gone. I want people to connect with my songs the way I connect with Hendrix. There is a peculiar kind of pride that comes from when someone compliments something that I created. Not an arrogant pride, but a hardwork pride. If I could make a living doing that alone, and be able to support a family, then my prayers are answered.


Matthew Epperson
DOC #284812

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  1. I know the recording of which you speak, however I still prefer Jimi alone.
    But on Sundays I listen to Derek and the Dominoes. The heavier use of chords builds within the music until only Bobby Key’s piano and Duane’s slide are recognizable.
    Keep writing.


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