Keith Brooks

“Redemption” By Keith “Chaos Loc” Brooks

I’ve been known as a violent, loco, unholy Coast banga my whole entire life. All I ever represented in my life was violence. Everyday of my life, morning, noon, and night I was violent. My means of communication was always violence because it seemed to me that people only understood and respected me when I used violence against them. I’ve been sent to jail and prison on several different occasions due to my violent behavior. I’ve been placed in the hole and kicced out of several different prisons due to my violent behavior behind the wall.

I have sabotaged several relationships with family and friends due to my violent behavior and multiple convictions. I have broken a lot of hearts and disappointed a lot of people close to me due to my unwillingness to change my ways.

I used to want to be known as the most loc’est Crip with the most bodies under his belt, but all of that has recently changed. I started thinking deeply about how empty my funeral will be if I continue to live a violent life. How many people would come pay their respects and view my body? Who would come visit my grave on the regular? If I was found dead and was sent to the mourge, who would take the time out of their day to come identify my body? If I died today, only about 10 people will attend my funeral with nothing good to say about me. A week after my burial, I will be totally forgotten and none of my memories will live on. I know for a fact that I wouldn’t be missed by anybody left on this earth.
One day I started wondering what people would say and think about me after I was gone. I wondered how long I would be talked about and remembered for all of the havoc I’ve caused. I came to the conclusion that I’d rather be known for my positive accomplishments, and for how many people I’ve helped instead of how many people I’ve hurt. Helping people and making them genuinely like me feels way better than hurting people and making them hate me.
I would rather be loved and respected than feared and hated. That’s why I have chosen to change my wicced ways and live a positive life.Using violence is always the last resort for me now. I am fully focused on my career and giving bacc to my community. Helping disadvantaged children that come from broken homes, helping people suffering from mental health illnesses, people with drug and alcohol problems, women in abusive relationships, ECC’s that are in really bad situations, at risk youth, and children with birth defects or fighting a deadly disease is a priority for me. I want to help ex-cons transition bacc into society and get bacc on their feet without turning to criminal activity.

I want to visit prisons and schools all over the USA to share my success story with prisoners and students. I will love to inspire many and encourage them to follow in my footsteps. If I can change my life and become successful, anybody can do it. I want to prove to them that if they follow their dreams and never give up , they too can overcome their trials and tribulations and succeed in life.

I rather be known as a savior than a destroyer when I die and get buried in the ground. I’ve spent hella years of my life in the streets and penitentiary Coast bangin hella hard. I can’t get that lost time bacc so I’m in a race against time to create some positive history with the rest of my life. I refuse to die a failure, so redemption is a must.
As I make a U-turn and travel down this new road that I’ve never been on before, I stumble upon a restaurant called F.A.T.E. As I enter the door and take a empty seat at the table by the window, a beautiful waitress approaches my table and hands me a menu. On this particular menu there are only two items available for me to order and choose from. “What will you be having today sir, life or death?” she asked. “I’ll be having one big serving of life thank you.” I responded. With that being said, just let me breath and enjoy my life… LCM!


My Music On YouTube:

Thumbin thru da mail
Feelin free
I just wanna
Coast gang video

Keith A. Brooks #A599527 (Earliest release date 10-25-19)
878 Coitsville-Hubbard Rd. (Latest Release date 2023)
Youngstown, Oh 44505 ( Brooks #A599527)
Instagram/Chaos Loc 4

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  1. Go for it. It’s never, ever too late to change and live a life that’s worthy. Apart from all the people around you you were hurting, you were hurting yourself most of all. You deserve better, everyone does. Best of luck!


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