Joshua Hairston

Juvenile “Convict”-(Banned From Life For Life). by Joshua Hairston

Good morning,afternoon,or evening;thank you so much for your time – (Man’s most precious commodity).I hope that you are reading this in the best of health and highest of spirits.Again,thank you.

In search of a solution,Solutions, but honestly;I would settle for answers.Real,CAUSE and EFFECT Answers. What are you expected to do, when you have done beyond what is expected of you? Mustering all of your physical strength and intellect,using all that is within your power… to transcend your circumstances, proving that your life is one with tremendous, contributing potential. You do not change,because you, a little over a decade old, were discarded as if you were deprived of all that is worth salvaging.(That is no reason to change!) You have not existed long enough to truly be inseparable from any paradigm you hold. How is it,then that your punishment for breaking the rules- as most children do- the sentence following the infraction reflects that of a career criminal?
No!,you change because change is inevitable.At a certain point in human growth,during adolescence,you begin to comprehend, in full, the effects of your actions,awakened with a refreshingly clear,almost sudden awareness of them. Feeling enlightened, and for most people accountable, you arrive at the ability to hypothesize. Predicting outcomes, educated guesses, based on the assessment of past events; Experience. You process differently, which in return causes you to behave differently. Considering the consequences of your own actions as well as the actions of others,becomes a crucial component in the success of your emotional, intellectual, and physical well-being.Your maturation, your development, provides for you the wherewithal to make wiser decisions. I employ you to research,Google the latest studies on the cerebral cortex, compare that information with the average age of people entering the penal system-entering not already entangled. The nexus is undeniable. The judicial system has a problem: a criminal justice complex that has transitioned fundamentally from being rehabilitative,(allowing a person to EARN a second chance,reentering society as a productive and contributing citizen)to being punitive. Now,instead of sending progressive and capable individuals into society,equipped with the abilities and the newfound recognition of their potential for success;it “warehouses”, corrals people,invaluable assets, in an environment conducive to the rotting away of human life and often galvanized,by external forces, for that purpose-Punitive.This Is No Place For Your Child! Crushing the spirit of innocence, independence, even ones imagination suffers.Only a child,a child dealing with realities too much for his precocious mind,destoyed for his mistakes.Quit labeling youth as troubled and delinquent, by doing so you place it “At risk”.I had no problem conforming,nor do I know of any CHILD that does.It is not at all what one would call criminality.My outcry uses as a platform,the fact that I,childish as anyone ever,was not afforded the chance to mature-Change.The judiciary funnels these easily influenced, malleable children (the sponges of humanity,our future)into prison;living under some of the most deadly and psychologically destructive conditions,with hundreds of others,already indurated by the environment;and expects what?,Better people.How does this continue to happen,with so many brilliant and innovative minds fueling the modernization of the world’s greatest government;a country with parliament so forward in thought,it legalized same-sex marriage,though it was founded upon LAWS evincingly adversed to it.Yet,it does not feel morally compelled to rectify a “permissibility of legal doctrine” that has corroded the integrity of its roots.
I changed for the better despite the stupendous attraction to be worse. Who ignores the crying of a child?,It is natural to respond. How can a child be tried as an adult?Is the Law too established to be wrong? If it is,then why has it been abrogated and amended so.In search of a second chance,a young man all out of answers.


Thank you.

Joshua Hairston
DOC #1411138

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