j-ru was running with the head bustin gang,but decided to switch gangs and converted to the pirus …og_keem was the ruthless leader of the head bustin gang and didn’t give his blessings for j-ru to switch sets,the only way out of any gang is by death!! so j-ru had a target on his head and his new homeboys(the piru gang) kastro was the leader of the piru gang and had no clue of the war he just signed up for by allowing j-ru to join his set!!!who will survive this cold bloody war, over disloyalty, greed and money..come take a journey through the vicious streets of ELIZABETH NJ…….”TALEZ FROM THE STREETZ” by keon Lewis available on Amazon, kindle, Barnes &noble an all retailers..great read… 5stars on Amazon…….

Keon Lewis
DOC #489829-c

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