Nathaniel Bell

“So…….Damn My Dream” by Nathaniel Bell

I found myself walking down the street full of shopping stores ,when all of the sudden, all I could think about was getting some tank tops. But everything was closed except this chinese store. So I headed up to the store. This chinese store was located on a two story building with stairs leading up to the store. The stairs kind of looked like fire emergency stair case. I made it to the store then went inside. As I walk into the store I notice two chinese ladies. One at the door as I went in,looking like she’s got to pee, and one at the cash register. I remember looking at the clock, and it said that it was 7:57PM. The chinese lady at the cah register immediately say” You hurry up and buy! Store close in 5 minute!” I was thinking to myself “Damn! I just got here.” But I replied ” Why so early?” …..But niether answered.
So I started to look around for the tank tops but I couldn’t locate them anywhere. So I asked the chinese lady waiting by the door; “Hey…emm.. where are your tank tops located?” But the chinese lady at the cash register spoke up and replied “We have no mo. We order fo you. We hurry!” I said to myself “These ladies have GOT to be in a hurry to catch a moive or something because they had their keys in hand ready to just…. take off!..” The cash register lady spoke again and said “Order done. You pick up next week. K?” And at that moment is when I heard a noise come from the back storeage room like somthing big had fallen over. Both of the chinese ladies jumped, then looked at me as if they were hoping I didn’t hear what they heard. But I did. I was about to ask them “What the hell was that?” but both of the chinese ladies rush towards the front door and said” You go now! It’s 8 o’clock ! We close!” I saw the chinese lady that was standing by the door rush out before me. I though the ladies were fucking loosing it! But all of their actions started to make since; when as I was about to head out,
the chinese lady that handled the cash register was lifted off the floor in front of me,and was thrown to the back of the store, then dragged into the storeage room. I said “Ohh SHIT!!!….”
And ran towards the door. I only took mabe three steps when I felt this presence grab me from behind and tried to lift me up and drag me to the back too.In the struggle,I remember getting really angry and saying out loud:”I am one with the universe, and you’ve messed with the wrong dude!” then this surge of power went though me and pushed the ghost back slamming it back into the storeage room. I couldn’t see the damn thing, but from the sound of where it went, thats where it sounded. So I ran out the store as fast as I could. I didn’t even see the other chinese lady. As I got half way down the stair case, and said ” Damn,…. I forgot the receipt.” I started to go back, when out of nowhere, Buffy ( The Vampire Slayer) shows up! I said ” Hey ahhh…Stupid? (saying to Buffy) You know you’re at the wrong place. This is ghost stuff.You kill vampires and demons. What are you doing here?!?!” She said” I came to buy some tank tops and she heard that this chinese store had the ones I want.” I just stared at her hella stupid.. Then I said ” By all means,…Go right on up then and get cho tank tops. She just went right past me as if we didn’t just have a conversation. As she went past me, I said under my breath ” Dumb Hoe. Man,….I really need to start shopping at Walmart.” Then I woke up. My thing is: Why in the HELL did Buffy decide to crash my dream out of all dreams thats goes on at night? Ain’t dat a bitch? # Dumbfounded

Nathaniel Bell
DOC #78997

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