Zolia Villa

Intro Blog By: Zolia Villa

Release date: 2025

Zoila Villa #WE8159
16756 Chino-Corona RD.
Corona,CA 92880

Hi, my name is Zoila. I’m new to blogging. I’m a Sagittarius Woman, who see life from a big picture perspective so much to explore, so many fascinating things to do, and so much knowledge to gain. I’m in prison because of my mistake I’ve made however, I’m a good person who learn and grown from my mistakes and won’t let it define me as who I am. I Love Music and Film and Dream of one day work in Music Industry. I’m looking to network and build friendships. I’m a student eager to learn new things and I’m taking Chaffey College courses. I am optimistic about a brighter future. I look forward to sharing my blogs with the world, because I have lots to say. Have fun following me!
contact me at:

Zoila Villa
DOC #WE8159

Thank you!:-) 🙂

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