Jennifer Prince

“From my Man to a Sugar Daddy” by Jennifer Prince

Darryl would go in and out of jail. We had the very best bails bondsman and attorney. However, after some time there are even some things a good bondsman or attorney can save you from. Your past catches up with you and you go to prison. I was lost, the voltures come out and “help you”. Next thing I know I’m back in the Hindu hotels and back to selling my ass. I felt terrible and lonley. I hooked back up with Seattle Mike and got pregnant with my son Robert. I was seventeen. Still using and still hooking I got real sick. So sick I called my Grandma and she sent my uncle Tim to come get me. He took me to the doctors and I learned I was pregnant. My family helped nurse me back to health and when I got better the streets still whispered my name and out I went. Breaking my Grandmas heart all over again.

One day I was walking on Polk Street and up drives this guy who I first thought was a cop. I was noticeably pregnant and he just introduced himself as Vern gave me his number and a $100. He said he only wanted to take me to dinner.This was the beginning of my sugar daddy. Vern got me a cool place on the crookedest street on Lombard street.I also got a place in Pacific Heights, then a house with a back yard and all. He was good to me but that too only last so long……….

Jennifer Prince
DOC #W45626

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