James Kelly

Introducing James Kelly

age 39
intake day 5-9-2014
parole eligible 6-1-14
max release date December 2022

A little about myself I am 6’1, 230 lbs, brn on brn. I like to read, write, and play handball. I love dogs and horses. I like to watch “corny” romantic comedies. I am in to motorcycles. And am all about friends, family and loyalty.

Contact Info:
James Kelly #59979
I.S.C.C D-2-15-B
P.O. Box 70010
Boise, Id. 83707




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  1. I agree with michelle!! You can get out and do good brother but you got to want to do it.. for yourself and your your babies!!! Keep your head up!! Love ya!


  2. Love ur blogs, very heart filling. They come from a deep place in ur heart. I am so happy to see the change in everything about you. You have came a very very long way from where you used to be. Just remember your time is getting close to freedom. All these amazing things you say now, follow through with them when u are free. I believe that this Time will be different for you. This time you have hope and the willingness to want sketching dofferent.


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