Cherie Miller

” Overcoming ” by Cherie Miller

At first u can’t believe it. Waking up in a holding cell, all most regretting every decision you made up until that day…. But I actually have no regrets..
Iam really relieved that my life of crime is over, Now I can actually breath.
I all ready know that I am looking at prison time. And actually. I am okay with it. It has been a long curvy up and down road. Cold nights and sometimes colder days.
But now their over.
I am steadily withdrawing off of all the drugs I was on. All of the substances that it took to keep me and my street family together, happy and alive…..
Every day is one day closer to having all of this behind me.
I no longer have to look over my shoulder, wonder if my picture is up at every gas station, restaurant or mall.
I am going to have a chance to settle down. Live a life that is as normal as I make it, and fill it with people that I choose….
I am far from regretting anything or blaming anyone. I have all the memories that lead me down the road to what if. Now I am going to take the ”what now” road and keep all my memories close. Their all I have left of my past.. Hopefully I can use them one day with strangers or with people I know. We can laugh,cry and understanding. And share memory after memory as we burn them up and live for tomorrow…..

Cherie Miller
DOC #1001192826

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  1. I really appreciate your “can do” attitude. Regrets are those things that cause you to wallow in what you can’t change. Learning from mistakes takes courage and humility because you finally realize you’re not all that. How can i be praying for you?


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