Joshua Hyatt

Gun Control By: Joshua Hyatt

Are you ready for some controversy? Let’s talk guns. Now I’m going to hit a lot of points and there may be a few points where I might sound like a democrat but trust me, I’m not! I just see things from different viewpoints.

I’ve been watching the news organizations cover these mass shootings that are becoming a regular occurrence around the world these days. Now the biggest argument is that guns should be banned. Really! That’s what a lot of people want. Then there’s a lot more who just want to ban the AR-15 rifle. Ok, so ban one gun. That makes a lot of sense. It’s kind of like if someone runs a Ford truck into a bunch of people then we ban Ford trucks. So now all you can buy is Chevy and Dodge trucks. Now psycho ass cowards can only pick between those trucks. They’re still going to do what they planned.

Does anyone know what happens when politicians start talking about banning anything? Whatever it is they want to ban starts flying off the shelves! So, this argument itself has probably sold thousands of AR-15’s. They should start talking about banning multivitamins or my books as they come out. But that’s off the subject. People seem to think creating a law could stop a coward from targeting innocent people. Think about this. One of our worst crimes is murder. That didn’t stop these shootings. Laws won’t help when it comes to trying to prevent these lame-o’s from causing damage to innocents.

Think about other things that have been banned. Specifically, cocaine and heroin. It is against state and federal laws to have these drugs. Who can get ahold of these drugs? I would bet over 90% of the U.S. could get their hands on these drugs if they wanted to. If tons of drugs can get across our borders what makes you think tons of weapons can’t get across as well. The only thing that will for sure happen is this. Law abiding citizens will give up their guns so only criminals will have them. The second thing is instead of licensed businesses being paid by law abiding citizens the black market will make an extreme amount of money and sell guns to even more psychos. The underground arms dealers don’t do background checks, nor do they care who they’re selling guns to, just as drug dealers don’t care who buys their drugs from them.

My next argument doesn’t fit my narrative and if I was a democrat I would be using it as my main talking point. I’m surprised I haven’t heard it’s a case but here it is. I’ve noticed that all these mass shooters shoot-up what they know. These school shooters went to those schools. The Vegas shooter was a frequenter of that casino. People shoot up their jobs. It’s usually places they are familiar with. So, raising the age to buy guns to 21 might put a few years between these kinds of people and their familiarity with their high schools. It’s the only argument that has merit that I can see, but there is a flip side to that coin. 18-year olds are adults. A lot of them are moving into their own houses and apartments and in some cases starting their own families. Do they not have a right to protect themselves and their growing families? The cops can’t be everywhere at once to protect everyone. This is evident in the amount of rapes and murders and kidnappings that happen. Unsolved or not, self-defense is the first line of defense. Who wouldn’t want to prevent their family from being harmed rather than have that harm tried in court?

Yes, our youth are not as mature as generations in the past, but I can’t believe, even in an age of safe spaces and a society where it’s cool to be a victim, that most young adults are too stupid to be responsible gun owners. If you really are protecting your family then you will take such a responsibility seriously.

I have a liberal friend and his go to argument is “You don’t need an AR-15 to go hunting.” And of course you don’t. But we also don’t need cell phones, 70-inch T.V.’s, huge speakers, microwaves, or air conditioning. But to some people it’s cool to have and as a responsible legal gun owner that should be enough. Humans are ingenuitive creatures. We keep making things better. If we keep laws from evolving our guns, then trust me when I say that there are plenty of countries out there that would love to take over and create better weapons than us. Think about that. What if terrorist had better weapons than us?

I’m going to end on this. I’m an 8-time felon. I’ve been through group homes, foster homes, juvenile halls, then as an adult prison. I’ve had abusive stepdads and was taken away from my family at an early age. I have every excuse to be one of those spineless cowards. Then, trough my mediocre criminal network I’ve had fully automatic rifles, scoped rifles, untraceable handguns and guess what? Never once when I had these guns did I feel like indiscriminately killing anyone! Maybe I didn’t hold it right but being a mass shooter never crossed my mind. What I did think was that I wanted to go to the shooting range. I liked my new toys and I didn’t want to do anything stupid to get them taken from me. The only thing I was going to murder were some paper targets, cans, and beer bottles. If anything, I became a better driver because I didn’t want to get pulled over with those guns in my car.

Joshua Hyatt
DOC# 135182

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