April Watson

“Yo Yo Ma Concert” by April Watson

Let me share a little diamond in the rough that I was privy to this past Friday (March 2nd, 2018).

The amazingly talented cellist, Yo Yo Ma, came here to C.I.W. as well as a fellow musician/violinist and a local female composer; to bring us joy and share beautiful music with us. They only asked for our imaginations and for us to feel the stories that the music brings out in us.

This concert brought me a chance to lose myself in the story and the true passion that “Bach” intended in each sonata. I will remember this special, once in a life time, experience FOREVER! Thank-You Yo Yo Ma and company!

April Watson
DOC #W94003

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  1. Amazing April! I was incarcerated at CIW as well & I had no idea that musicians play at CDCR prisons period. When I was there a woman told me she remembered when WAR played in the 70s. Another friend of mine saw COMMON @ CCWF,( another prison I was “housed” at) although the concert she saw was fairly recent in years. Thanks for writing here. I wish to see more female or female identified inmates writing here!


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