Kimberly Y. Taylor

LGBQT “Rights For All!” –By Kimberly Y. Taylor

I’m a 39 year old Puerto Rican-Cuban Transgender .I was born a female ,but I’m a male trapped in a females body .it has been hard being incarcerated and being treated equal .it has already been a struggle with some of my family members accepting me but it has been very harsh when it comes down to staff member at my facility judging me .There is so my more to me if people don’t just judged me by my cover .Are you willing to open your eyes and see that I am the same as you and that the bridge you wedge between us could be a bridge that we can both stand on in the times of trouble.

I would love to hear the voices of those who pursue our rights of fairness, equality, and self worth.

Kimberly Y. Taylor #1212291 at or write me at:

Kimberly Y. Taylor #1212291
Lee arrendale state prison 709
alto, Ga 30510

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