Joseph Langdon

Introducing Joseph Langdon

My name is Joseph Langdon#614183,I’m 39 years old,and I’ve been incarcerated for the last 20 years of my life.I was sentenced to 22 years,and with the early release principal I could be released on September 18,2018,if not I will max out September 18th 2020.I was placed in the system August 31,1998…I’m from Brooklyn new York,and I can’t wait to get out so that I can begin my new journey in society.During my incarceration I’ve learned the power of hope,and my goal now is to become a motivational speaker,I also wrote a book and my objective is to inspire the world,to show that regardless of the circumstance that’s placed before us we can overcome them.My contact info is…..

Joseph Langdon #614-183.
R.C.I po box7010


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