Kody Osco

( all the kids in school ) by KODY OSCO

I’m very proud of the group of kids that spoke out in the interview, in reguards to all then recent gun violent here in america I want them to know!, a walk out and march is a very strong start to establishing a statement that needs. to echo across our great nation.
how many more excuse’s will the politicians use before their ready to address the gun access laws that need dealt with yesterday. I hope to wake up in my cell , like I do every morning at 4:0) am and see breaking news, in march, I hope every child in an American school walks out. if my children were still in school and I was out they wouldn’t go back to school till a change was made. I bet if every parent holds back their child from school till these issue’s are dealt with, then they would begin to feel the affect’s of it.. “why” politicians are consumed with selfish false sense of pride.. their blood becomes posioned , their only religion money even if it comes at the expensive price of our great nations children.. here’s a solution kids and parents parents stop sending your kids to school stay home miss work, file for assistant’s, from the government . sounds like a hell , because it will be but I promise you. all you hard working American’s raising children nothing or know one is worth risking/gambling your babies life.
picture this hold all of America’s children from school, will cause a down word spiraling storm, resulting in a serious recession, the Dow will drop, the politicians will panic, as they only care about blood money. they will address the issues we Americans seek..
stock up on food prepare for the strong state meant that is needed to tackle our current situation.
it is wrong for the schools to tell the children they are not permitted to attend the walk. these high schoolers are our next great generation. feel free to contact me through jpay.com I got much more on this topic your friend

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