Earnest Hobbs

“The Sad Truth” by Earnest Hobbs

First and foremost I want the world to know that I’m a 39 year old heterosexual male who’s been incarcerated for the last 4 years. My appetite for women and their rights could be measured or compared to a fat kid who loves cake..lol..I have a few women in my family of whom are dealing with, or have dealt with men who’ve been incarcerated. In saying this, I wanna bring to fruition of how I’m caged with a few males who don’t identify themselves as “homosexuals” on the outside of these walls, but fully engaged in homosexual activity while in prison. My concern about this is to shed some light on how there are alot of women out there in the blind as to what’s really going on inside of these walls and how alot of men are on the down-low and engaging in this type of activity. This is an epidemic that is very real and flooding the nations prisons at an alarming rate!! I’ve witnessed men going to visitation, sitting down with a wife, girlfriend, and kids then greeting them with a kiss and a hug portraying a straight male but in retrospect are painting a false picture of who they really are. As soon as the visit is over they go back to being the product of a magician with his wand and changing back to the individual they really were the whole time…an on the downlow homosexual. On top of that when they get released they go home and deal with that same woman of whom they portrayed a fraud for and still not have the balls to keep it real with her, themselves, or anyone else about their true identity. This is so saddening because not only are they putting their so called loved ones in danger of not only contracting venereal diseases, but by not acknowledging the fact that they were engaging in homosexual activity they unknowingly spread these diseases to other men and women as well. Meanwhile these men(down low homosexuals) are running around living a big fat lie which I imagine must be tough on them being the stigma of how they would be perceived to the outside world, but this is nobody’s fault but thereselves as nobody made them participate in homosexual activity from the beginning! With this “BIG LIE” they’re not giving that female a chance to know what they’re getting themselves into, and leaving them no option as to if they want to deal with that individual or not after finding out that the guy they so loved and cared for was not the official guy they thought he was, but was really a gay master of disguise who was engaging in homosexual activity while incarcerated. In conclusion, if you happen to be that individual who fits this criteria, be honest with yourself and realize that first and foremost you are no longer a heterosexual male but are indeed a homosexual/bisexual man!! Secondly, if you have a mate of the opposite sex out there who thinks your heterosexual, you need to come clean by letting them know what type of activities you were really into while incarcerated as knowing is half of the battle. In the event that they decide to take that risk after that, then so be it, more power to them!! All in all though don’t deny them of that right or option to know who, or what they’re getting themselves involved with!! THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE!!

DOC #1271134

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