Hormone Replacement Therapy in Prison By Lloyd Jackson aka Layci.

I am a MTF Transgender Woman trying to get started in my process of Transitioning in prison. I am seeking HRT but in order to do this you have to be seen by Mental Health and receive a diagnosis of Gender Dysphoria. If the Mental Health professionals feel that you are telling the truth and your not being deceptive or have any ulterior motives for why you are identifying as Transgender or Gender Queer and that your “story” matches the criteria for the diagnosis of Gender Dysphoria then you receive the diagnosis and proceed to the next part which is having a psychologist affirm the diagnosis of your Mental Health provider. Then the psychologist sets an appointment to get some more background information on you and your “story” and then he/she sets an appointment with the prisons Medical Board and the Mental Health counselor and your Psychologist present your “case” to the Medical Board and then they make a decision of whether you will be allowed HRT or not. I am currently waiting to have my case submitted to the board and this “waiting” period is causing a lot of stress and anxiety because all my hopes and dreams of truly being able to physically represent who I am are wrapped up in this decision. My nightmare is that they will say no and that would crush me. It’s like they would be saying that I’m not a person or that my identity is a lie. That I don’t have a right to be who I am or feel how I feel. I’m already in prison, I don’t want to be imprisoned inside myself. Do they really have the right to say no? Is that fair? Can they really presume to know what’s best for me better than I can, I think not!!

Lloyd Jackson
DOC #886818

Categories: L.G.B.T, Lloyd Jackson

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