(birthday shout out to jewels*~* ) by KODY OSCO

IT’s late jewels today is your birthday, I miss you and I can’t sleep, as I lay here in my bunk, 3:00 am I ache for them days that were able to swim together, I miss your soft sugar pillow lips, your hair all around me, and jewels them eyes the way they cut through me like lazer’s.. how is it that your always running through my blood. all I think about girl is swimming with you in the deep water, the way we always bit hard and swam fast, who knows maybe this time round I’m swim in slow circles around you , and nibble softly.. yeah that what this old shark wants to do.. crank that prime oven up for one more little shark… I love how strong you are, yet very jocose, complaisant. yeah very complaisant, in a sapient way… I want you to know I could never forget your birthday, it echoes in my head through out the year. I’m love you so good, I’ll forever love you the rest of my days.. happy birthday jewels, your shark, “” simple things” by Miguel would our song of the evening

DOC #640807

Categories: family, Kody Osco

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