Angelo Vasquez

Just some thoughts on sleeping. by Angelo Vasquez

I’ve been aware of a difference in life when it comes to sleep in the areas of about to sleep and the area of about to wake.I usually meditate right now at midnight because it is my belief that when we sleep not only are we unconscious but a part of us leaves the vessel our body our physical body,what leaves is our astral body.At the time it is about to leave I sometimes feel a type of presence or more than one presence it seems as though “it” wants to embody me,I’m aware of this happening and I use to fight it but now I am interested in what this “it” is?Why does it feel beside myself?Recently a few days ago I was acknowledging this experience and it pressed down on me so hard it felt as though my back would brake then like a serpent spiralinging around my spinal cord moving upwards to my throat tightening a voice that wasn’t mine poured out so strangely saying nothing but trust me “it”was trying!During this my hand began slowly raising but still very limp it hit the wall several times.that woke me completely I sit up acknowledged what just happened and now I’m thinking about it more so it seems that after I ask around, things of the sort has happened to a lot of people but they usually forget to talk about it and just go on with their day.It’s like when the astral body is leaving it is also making room for “it” to come through.Also it is now one in the morning and a severe drop of energy,current,consciousness has dropped like a row of candles that lit a long pathway were extinguished simultaneously.I’m sure some are awake but it is easier to sense the mass happening then the last few flames.See there’s a zombie like rotation here in prison they wake up together and eat together talk about the same thing even the menu is the same every week,so the consistency is a bit insane for me,kind of like the movie Edward scissor
hands when all the neighbors backed out of their drive ways at the same time yeah that times ten.It is very sad how people spend thirty plus years in prison and just become old zombie machines using the same words everday I’ve been in here since I was sixteen I’m twentyeight now though I never felt more awake and alive!I think drugs and medications and the complete lack of communication with outside world close off their minds,they become the shadows on the wall.So as time ticks the silence develops the energies are absent,the buildings house two hundred prisoners who are now corpses away in the brother of Death.Another fun thing I realized was the opposite of this well kind of,I’ve been waking up at four to four thirty in the mourning,first I look at the shades of darkness and see the perpetual light sources and I’ll squint at the source most convenient and see light forms dance around shifting in size,then the same for the blackest pit in darkness of the cell it to begins to morph after this perception exercise I sit up and inhale the dark the light and the silence hold it for awhile knowing it will be disturbed soon then exhale,I travel in my thoughts and focus on sensing the astral bodies coming back and for some reason I thought it would’nt be so easy but I was wrong! Like floating serpents slithering back in the vessels they came to reembody their host I could sense the movement,and felt a charge of energy then hear the stirrings of slight awakenings then a cop will clumsily stomp through with their noisy keys unlocking the tray slots because we are cell fed,that’s when it becomes a static filled madhouse again people scream about football bets,who’s got morning yard?What’s for breakfast?Then the magic is gone.So what I want to know is am I alone on these feelings and realizations?Am I labled as some type in a psychology textbook?Is this like something no one cares about?Have you experienced “it”?

Angelo Vasquez
DOC #G07505

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