“Is Our System Giving Full Disclosure” Part 2 by Ronald Johnson

God willing, by now some of you all may investigated where I am coming from!!! And understand you (we) must stay and remain in Honor!!! Now how is it we are dealing in Commerence and don’t know it or just don’t realize this simple Fact!! By Birth Right you are (we) are Intitled to anything we need and some wants via our Birth Certificate. Remember The New Deal ?? That was and is Very Real!! Wake Up America…. Remember the elections? , When Donald Trump said it makes him Smart for not Paying Taxes ? Well Folks he was and is Right it does being he claims to be an American National, Taxes are to be Paid ONLY BY Thoes In AMERICAN TERRITORIES !!!!!! Educate Yourselves PLEASE AMERICA, the people in power Made Trump The President of The U.S. in order to keep a Lid on him as well to keep a Lid on the Secert !! If your name is in all CAPS you are a Corporation period, so Do Business as such !!! You Must understand Commerence and get your information Recorder and Filed and Know What UCC 1-308 means, It in part means you retain All your Rights as a Living Being. Do Not Allow the Wool to be pulled over your Eyes any longer ask questions, seek and ye shall find !!!! Now the Jobs of these (NGO) officals is to make you think they are who they Aren’t and they will threaten you and the Like, However do not stop Proceed within Honor use your Mind That God gave you!!! Think, THink, THINK !!!! Please America answer to this Call to WAke up !!! Know our Rights understand we are all being Traded In COmmerence Every Single DAY, We must start by copy righting our Names, sounds crazy but very true and Very Real, as well have that Recorded with the Secetary Of your home STATE, then Courts ect. The Greed of The Major Corporations have taken over our Justice System, We must Take it back Now !!! Ask ourselves, how do we go from 300,000 prisoners in America,to 2.2 Millon within a 30 year time span? Why are Major Corporations Lobbing? Are the Benifiting off free labor ? Why ? Why not pay for Labor received ?? Wake Up America !!! Written By; Ronald Johnson, P.O. Box 311, El Dorado, KS. 67042 , Jpay.com

Ronald Johnson
DOC #79020

Categories: politics, Ronald Johnson

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