Dewayne Overton

Doing Time by Dewayne Overton

Doing time is never easy for anyone, but every person does there time differently, some consider doing time as a prison or a road block, while others such as myself see’s it as a opportunity to slow down and grow. Everyone is doing time even if it’s not physically behind bars, most people are imprisoned by there jobs, relationships, debt, or a prison within there own mind. You see you don’t have to be in a facility to be considered a prisoner, often times the hardest prisons to escape are the one’s we build for ourselves. I’ve grown to understand that the only way to be truly free is through self understanding and so I fell blessed because I was given the gift of time. Most people in the world don’t have time to slow down to get to know themselves, so until we start seeing our current situation not as a prison but as a opportunity then we’ll never truly be free.

Dewayne Overton
DOC #104565


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