Steve Anderson

WIG’S ON PIG’S, AND GIRDLES TUTLE’S Part 2… by Steve Anderson

Ok first, I’m not going to start this off by calling anyone’s belongin’s junk, or tosay rude thing’s about your style, or how you choose
to spend your cash, but I am speaking on the subject of wasted time
and cash for the many thing’s us human’s see the need to accumulate..

I have stated in the pass and will state today, that I come in
peace with knowledge, understanding, and respect that’s my get down 24/7 along with some knowledgeable’s in truth department of 93%..

I say 93% cause it’s someone out there in the world that know’s alot more then me..

I love learning new knowledgeable’s that’s a big part of growth, having an open mind and staying down at all time’s to seeking to know,
the understanding’s to applying it into your word’s and action’s..

Do you share your time in giving your opinion, thought’s, knowledgeable’s, understanding’s in conversation’s you have?*? ~

Or with something you read?*? would U?*?

Would you share your point’s and the knowledgeable’s you have?*?

If not why?*?

What would hold you back from sharing? *?

That’s horrible and I don’t even know your answer, but if you say
NO to sharing your belief’s are not in order, you should always
want to do what you can, that’s the good looking out policy
witch you ain’t about that though..

Would you share with your family, friend’s and acquaintance’s, something you enjoyed being apart of?*?

Cause we can read something and it’ll touch our heart and soul, and
it become’s a must to run and share it with someone else..

I also will state I’m not perfect and I do make mistake’s unintentionally, anything other would be disrespectfully rude..

Imagine the arrogance of such self righteous indignation..

Yet a person may find themselves to justify their indulgence, not really knowing or understanding the “unless”..

Haven’t we all convinced ourselves of something we just had to have?*?
at that moment our frame of mind was really on a false thought of
the satisfaction that never really showed up full-time..

These judgemental tendencies are aspects of the ego..

To free yourself a person have to learn to be aware and alert
of what create’s the suggestions..

To recognize subtle hint’s into subtle connection’s of all relationship’s and issues that manifest’s in our lives, bring’s much growth within yourself..

Leaving no limitation into sincerity of a persons intention’s, giving a person a fair shake without doubts that was created by another person, it’s being fair to them and yourself..

Our experience is determined by what we place our attention on, we
have the freedom to determine our own priorities yes as we all know
it’s more then one, don’t get stuck..

The reality of wasting cash and time will always show to be
unproductive especially within yourself..

*Do one wish to remain absorbed in the suffering of the “unless”?*?
the unsurity mixed in with the if and ‘s and but’s..

What you do?*? What’s your formula? *? well well I be dam..

A person need’s to become apart of the harmony that’s within, yes it
takes practice and great discipline to simply see the truth of the
present moment, and take action..

To direct your attention towards what is actually helping in the now,
instead of subconsciously choosing out of condition’s or habits a person must keep in mind at the sometime remaining absorbed in our melodramas in our own description and interpretations of the matter at hand..

….THE END….Happy tiding’s….


DOC #288318

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