Rehabilitation, by Random King

Rehabilitations means to restore to customary activity by education and therapy.Therapy is a procedure designed to treat diseases,illnesses or disabilities.Who is the disease and where is the therapeutic treatment to cure us of our sickness?What is the customary activity that needs to be restored?Rehabilitation is a choice, you have to reprogram your thoughts.By shifting your mental attitude your perception changes.While this occurs your awareness increases which allows you to become a rational thinker and a great decision maker.Change is growth and in order for us to become better we must first realize that we have a sickness which comes from the condition of the mind,and it only can be shaped and reformed by you.What are some things we can do to reshape society or do you feel like we are too far gone?How can we reshape society so that the children can grow without distractions?

Random King
DOC #518-691

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