James Chambers

Washington State Legislature (part 4) by James Chambers

Wa State Doc Healthy food would better serve our taxpayers. I understand alot peaple thank this just another inmate that is just blowing smoke but is those peaple that feel like that would file public disclosure on CI and see how much money they actually take in from Wa State taxpayers and how big CI is becoming . In some states they have shut down CI because of the corruption. CI in Wa State has a monopoly on all state agencies. This leaves everyone in our state a risk of seriously being taken advantage of by peaple that run CI . Not to mention the inmates that work for them as it stands today here at stafford creek inmates are working from 8am to 8pm daily . To build over priced products to sell to state agenies including schools and colleges Many agencies have asked to go outside for private venders so they can better use taxpayers dollars but they are forced to buy from CI. Inmates are working all these for pennies on the dollar and most spend every penny they make to supplement their diet . The crazy part is CI is incontrol of the Doc store that inmate purchase all their products from so CI pays them then takes back money by selling them things they need to get by and everyone should see something wrong with this picture even many Doc staff see would agree that CI has got to big ! please take time to reflect on what the goal is when someone is sent to prison ! thank

James Chambers
DOC #743702

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