Timothy Kelly


I’m glad u took the time to find me, my name is Tim kelly and I’m an inmateblogger.

The things I’ll blog about are as diverse as the birds in the sky.

Speaking of birds, that’s my nickname: Bird. My baseball buddies gave me that name because I have no chest…or so they say. The reality is I’m benching 225lbs and I have a strong chest. Wanna see?

Or perhaps you wanna hear about the time a jealous husband caught me asleep in his bed with his wife.

As I slept he cracked me in the head with a 5 gallon paint can (lavender) almost killing me. I hate lavender… now!

Then he beat her down. Knocking out her teeth and fracturing her skull.

Then he dragged me outside and proceeded to stomp my face in before he decided to cut off my penis.

Lucky for me, the neighbor shot his gun in the air and stopped him before he could perform his Laraina Bobbitt impression. (Google it)

That event changed my life forever as I began a downward spiral that eventually landed me in prison for 40 years.

I look forward to sharing my life with you.
If you have any question or comments, please feel free to contact me at:

Email : Jpay.com (858308)

Snail mail : Tim Kelly 858308, H3 – 82
191 Constantine Way
Aberdeen, Wa 98520

Thank you and have a great day:):):)


Tim Kelly
DOC #858308

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