Steve Anderson


*And the ones close to U, that’s part of giving back with your actions and [WORDS]…

To perceive the Truth, we need to expanded our PERSPECTIVE.]..

In expanding our perspective it’s very similar to changing the prescription of our glasses so that we can see more clearly the. BEFORE]…

In our present perspective we often think something bad is going on when actually something good is HAPPING]…

The criterion we usually use is how our ego feels about IT]…

If something makes the ego feel bad, we think something is going WRONG]…

Whenever the ego is being work on, the ego will feel DISCOMFITED]…

The ego wants to remain intact , for it’s own existence it’s apart of the war thats going on within YOU]…

Instead of using the criterion of how something affects the ego, it’s a good tool for motivation, why limite YOURSELF]…

Many people don’t realize that if their ego over power the power within, you will become unbalanced in how you feel on issues and matters that will make you sad or unhappy if not very EMOTIONAL]

Short kinda powerful it’s in the knowledgeable words that brings pondering to understanding the chooses, and decision your MAKING….

Take care

Steve Anderson
DOC #288318


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