Jesse Bailey


Eatting is normally an enjoyable time for most people. Not necessarily for people locked up.

Going to meal time or chow as I call it is not something I look forward to most of the time.

It really starts with where we eat. The dinning hall or chow hall as I call it, is a disgusting place to go. When you go in the front door the chow hall it has a smell about it. Kinda like the county fair food stands smell after a week of the fair being over.

When you find a table and finally sit down and set your tray down, your hand has a grease film on it from the bottom of the tray. Its from not being cleaned properly. From what I have heard it’s the process, not necessarily the person.

There are no dishwashers in the dish pit anymore. What!

The food that’s served has been sitting in a warmer for who knows how many hours before its served.

Most of the time its soggy or over cooked. Could be bland, with no flavor. It might have freezer burn on it. I have even had a chicken breast that was raw on the inside.

Sometimes if your lucky I might even get a big long hair or a small black hair looking like a small spring right on top.

I have even heard of a guy loosing a band aid while making the daily soup of left overs from the day before.

Sometimes the cooks just can’t cook.

On the way out I make sure I stay on the non slip tape on the floor. The floor is so slick from years of mopping, just pushing dirt around never really getting it clean.

And that’s why commissary is so important for me. I have become a pretty good cook with a few bowls and a microwave.

Jesse Bailey
DOC #879476

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