Jonathan Gordon


Very few people have the strength to be independent & do their own thing regardless of what everyone else is doing

By nature, humans are very social beings & have a strong need to fit in & be accepted

God gave us the gift of a very complex languages so we can interact & communicate on a higher level than other creatures on our planet, (in certain ways).

Humans love communication, love companionship
& love to be around each other, especially LIKE MINDED & LIKE ACTING company

We, like any other animal, learn from what we experience through our senses from the first day we was born

People want to follow & mimic what we think is
“Cool” or “For Me”

They say: “Imitation is the highest form of flattery.”

Those who imitate, also want to be flattered, people seek recognition for the things we either really are good at, want to be good at, or perceive ourselves as being good at

Sometimes that need for recognition drives people to excel at what they do in a good way, for others, that need for recognition drives people to excel at things that are BAD & hurt others

It’s easy for people to end up following the proverbial “Wrong Crowd,” if you will…

Following, imitating, mimicking, & learning to do things that our BAD & detrimental not only to us personally, but to others as well

There comes a point in life when, after being a FOLLOWER for so long, you realize that you have to find your own path in life

We have to learn to think for ourselves, speak for ourselves, & act for ourselves,

Instead of sitting around like a dog or a parrot waiting for others to think for us & tell us what to do

My dad used to tell me: “Either make the right decisions, or you’ll be in a position where someone will make decisions for you.”

I found that to be very true, that’s why I am in prison AGAIN!!!

I couldn’t make the right decisions on my own, now I am in a place where most decsions have been made for me by administrators policy & cops

It’s up to us to separate ourselves from the madness,

We have to stop worrying about what’s “Cool” & what “Ain’t Cool”

We have to stop worrying about fitting in with the “Wrong Crowd” & learn how to fit in with people who stay out of trouble don’t hurt anybody, don’t commit crimes & are going places in life

We see all day everyday people who hangout kickin it with each other all day & DON’T ACCOMPLISH A SINGLE THING!!!


I am talking about fully grown ADULTS here!!!

It’s easy to find ourselves being lazy & nonproductive, just blowing aimlessly here & there like a leaf in the wind until we find somewhere to fall!!!

So I wonder, why do we kick it with each other all day, & don’t do anything positive or productive to help better our lives, facilitate our growth & to facilitate changing our lives to be better humans

Isn’t there a time when we learn from our mistakes?

Don’t there come a time when we get sick of doing the same ole played out crap & getting the same ole played out results?

There has to be a time when we learn to readjust our thinking to align with what is “Normal”

We grow up watching people engage in abnormal behavior, yet we consciously accept it as socially acceptable & choose to adopt it as our own behavior

We have to be SMARTER THAN THAT!!!

GOD GAVE US BRAINS TO US so we CAN think up out the box & set examples

Think up out the box, DON’T let the box define you!!!

Thanks for your time!!!

Jonathan Gordon
DOC #793350

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