Anthony Covert

My Mistakes Don’t Define Me


Throughout my time in prison I have made countless attempts to reach out to the community and to my many efforts my voice has fallen on deaf ears.

As a man trying to make a change in his life it seems that no matter how many steps forward I take I can never escape the reality of my dreadful past. It’s as if I were walking on a treadmill.

How do I show to the community that my efforts to change and become a better man are genuine without the automatic assumptions that it’s all apart of some major sceem of manipulation?

If I told you that if I were released today that I would be able to be a functioning and civil member of society would you believe me?

What if I told you that during my stay I have learned how much my crime affected all parties involved and if I could do it all over I would have done it differently. Would you believe me or would you just write it off as just another inmate trying to work the system.

It’s unfortunate that a lot of society today draws the assumption that a man trying to better himself or if he shows remorse for his crime it comes off nothing more than a play for his freedom.

Yet isn’t that the goal of our Justice system? It seems that the freedom part has been left out. You see young men coming in to the system at a young age with a sentence so long that the idea or hope of ever getting out is so little that most give in and accept that this concrete jungle is now there permanent placement.

Yet you have few that have that excessive amount of time with little hope of release and are still trying to figure out a way to become a better person than what they came in as.

Nobodies perfect and we all make mistakes but don’t allow our past transgressions cloud your judgment from extending out and just even talking to an individual that is incarcerated.

You may discover that not all of us in here are just looking to get one over but unfamiliar with popular belief there are a few that really do want to change for the better. Don’t let a piece of paper define me! Let me show you who I am.

Thank you for your time and if you would like to open a dialogue, please CONTACT me.

Anthony Covert
DOC #335988

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  1. Everyone is entitled to a second chance. Just keep striving to be a better person. Maybe not right now, but people around you will realize that you can be a better person in the future.


  2. I always find it strange that people look at those who come out of prison as aliens from some other planet. Yes prisoners do what they can to get out of prison because the opportunities and doors are not there to have a go at change so you have to do it yourself with what you have. Then when you do get out the help and support does not exist because the government has defunded or done away with any support except they keep the policing in place so they can be arrested and put back inside for some reason they believe that this is the support that we need. As for those outside who believe that it is ok to give those released a hard time think about this, ever had a fine speeding how about parking fines how about DD, j walking, DV, ever had a fine at all, well you may not go to prison for this if you pay the fine if you don’t well we will see you inside hey but normally you would not go to prison this is called socialably acceptable crime but you have broken the law so there you go. I am what is called a lifer they gave me parole in !st Jan 2000 my parole finishes the day i die, a lot of my time was served in Boggo Road in the 80’s those were something of the bad old days have a nice day thanks.


    • Unfortunately, that’s not how life works. All of us are guilty of some sort of action(s) which could have been deemed “criminal” by our justice system. Yet not all of us are caught in the act or served consequences for our actions. If you’ve gotten away with any wrongdoing in your life, its a bit hypocritical to say actions = consequences.


  3. I admire your strength to keep on going and your courage to go and take another shot at life! Thank you so much for being thoughtful about sharing these realizations that are very valuable and helpful to us who have not been imprisoned and have a better chance at life than you guys unfortunately.


  4. I admire your honesty and your desire to make a go of life. It’s tough when you are sincere, but no one believes you. But there is Someone who knows your heart and the changes you’ve made. Seek Him and He will set you free. Prayer can do more than you think. I hope you get the freedom you deserve very soon.


  5. I am touched by Anthony’s words. I can feel his pain and frustration. Unfortunately there are a few who work the system. And because of them the society becomes skeptical. Both parties have to give it time. The society has can be watchful but still be willing to give a man a second chance. The inmate too has to keep striving to convince the society his sincerity, Good luck Anthony


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