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Americans gave more then $335 billion to charities And, obviously, not all of it was intended to make up or front for question-able behavior.

But whenever you find that much money changing hands, your going
to find a few ( possibly quite a few ) taking advantage of the process.

And even for those who are not using it for illegal means, there is a wide spectrum of intentions for some philanthropy is an earthly expression of faith in action; for others it’s just a city convenient financial instrument, part of a strategy for sheltering assets or attracting positive press.


{ @~ NOT MY WORD’S }

My God have mercy upon you ! Know that there is nothing between a servant and ones being a believer or becoming an unbeliever, except that one denies something which God, the Most High, has sent down, or adds, or take away anything from the speech of God, or denies anything said by the messenger of God, so fear God…

May God have mercy upon you !

Beware of your own soul and beware of going into exaggeration in the Religion because it is not from the way of the truth at all… …THE END…



To rebuild is to develop truth in understanding, the gain is to give another time, knowledge, laughter, loyalty, respect, the gift of good company, never in judging, or to pronounce another guilty, before asking the questions someone else arised your mind to nibble on…

The comfort given keeps your mind away from playing tricks on you, but its always another that think we need them with what (we)~(us) got going on, their illusions clearly state another fact, their not really happy for us…

Let’s always stay with facts and truth, that brings respect…

Never in judging or the wavery of loyalty, trust, honesty or respect, but in sharing the many things that build and last forever…by you and I…

As I have said my mind stay doing 99- in the 55- zone, all on a positive not and for healthy living…THE END…
Take Care,

Steve Anderson
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