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This next article is a summary in my own words & commentary of an article I read in the USA Today a few months ago.

Gender Ratio Control means when countries control how many kids a family can have, because of overcrowding.

And part of that goes back to the tradition of certain cultures wanting to have male babies, & female babies were seen as a disgrace.

Fortunately in recent years, these practices are being left & families are accepting their beloved females & loving them as the beautiful & precious people they are!!!

Previously the ratio of men to women in South Korea was 116.5 males for every 100 females.

In 2014 that ratio dropped to 105 males for every 100 females.

Also in South Korea, about 10% of marriages were of a Korean man to a woman of another Ethnicity/Race, mostly: Chinese, Vietnamese, & Filipino.

*Korean men had to marry women from other countries because they outnumbered the women by so much!!!

Also in Korea, if a family already had 1 daughter, sometimes Mom would have an abortion if another girl was in her womb!!!

*THIS IS GENOCIDE…or should I say: “Genderocide”?

In Korea, the ratio for the 3rd baby was 193 boys for every 1 girl!!!

Dr. Kim Ahm a gynecologist said: “When a patient knew she was going to have a 2nd girl, she cried.
When you told her she was having a 3rd daughter, the patient really pannicked.”

KoEun Kwang-soon, a traditional medicine Doctor was asked: “Too many times
to make medicines that help a patient conceive a boy.”

Thanks for your time!!!

Jonathan Gordon
DOC #793350

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