Daron Sleeper

Daron Sleeper

I am 40 years old.
I am hispanic/white.
I am currently serving the final year of a 10-1/2 year sentence.

I can also be reached through Jpay.com

I write poetry, essays, and journal daily life as ME in prison.

My amusing determination to separate from my flesh house has met with sporadic and minimal success. Once every other month I nearly escape and Once a month I have a Lucid experience. Yes, I am a novice but if you have no idea what Im talking about I am a certified Astral Mentor!. Dreams are within our control. The Spirit realm is an Astral plane that is parallel to the physical plane. Want to know what goes bump in the night? Travel with me then. Once a month or thereabout I will send postcards from my location.
The Oneironaut.

Daron Sleeper
DOC #793282

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