Jonathan Gordon


Thanks/Praise to God

Next my friends, I would like to introduce you to snippets of some well known cases of people who were falsely convicted for various reasons, then exonerated.

• In 2000, Neil J. Miller was released after doing 10 out of his 22 years.

He was in prison for the rape of a a Boston a college student, that was actually committed by another man.

The case was taken on by the Innocence Project & a law student from Cardozo Law School named E. Elliot Adler.

• In 2004, Darryl Hunt was released after 19.5 years off an LWOP.

• In 2007, Lynn Dejac became the 1st woman to be exonerated by DNA for murdering her daughter back in 1993.

• In 2006, Barry Gibbs was exonerated for the murder of a prostitute in 1986 in Brooklyn.

The conviction was based off the false testimony of a witness who was forced to lie by Detective Louis Eppolito, who later was convicted of being a hitman.

In 2009, Mr. Gibbs was paid $1.9 million by the State of New York.

And in 2010, He was paid $9.9 million by NYC.

• After doing 30 years in Angola prison on death row in 2014 Glenn Ford was exonerated & released.

He is an African American man who was convicted by an all-white jury with no physical evidence for a murder in Louisiana.

• In 1985, Timothy Brian Cole, a military vet & an African American college student was convicted of raping another student named Michele Mallin.

He was sentenced to 25 years, but he died in 1999 after doing 14.

Ms. Mallin later said she gave the police the wrong identification, that the police messed up the investigation, & kept information from her.

In 1995 Jerry Wayne Johnson admitted to being the person who really raped Ms. Mallin.

In 2009, a District Court Judge said:
“to a 100% moral, factual , & legal certainty,”
that Mr. Cole was innocent.
And Mr. Cole was officially pardoned after his death.

His mom said: “His greatest wish was to be exonerated & completely vindicted.”

• In 2007, Floyd Brown from North Carolina was exonerated after doing 14 years in a mental hospital for murdering an 80 year old woman.

A State bureau of Investigations (SBI) wrote a false confession & said it was Mr. Brown’s, when it really wasn’t.

• In 2009, James Bain was released because of DNA testing after doing 35 years.

Mr.Bain did more time than anyone who has ever been exonerated because of DNA.

He was in prison for a rape, kidnapping & burglary he didn’t commit.

Thanks for your time!!!

Jonathan Gordon
DOC #793350

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