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This blog was created because of the kind people. A big THANK YOU to stone city blog and the amazing Mrs. Suzie Jennings behind the scenes doing the work!!!

Even small people should get your time, do you even know the importance of investing in others ? Well in my eyes to know not is a bad diet, it’s many reasons that will back that statement up cleary. I will always show & give understanding and respect to many, now with this creative piece you may come change something in your life ? or this may point some new facts out for you to implant, so please give time to pondering on my words.

#1 ~ Diong nothing is truely bad for ones heart & soul, due to the fact your not giving time to the many things that can bring growth within. your temple & joy & happiness to your lifestyle, or even a fair chance
to get acquaintances with another.

#2~ Now this one is very imperative but many think not, one giving.time
to pondering,, that’s a bad diet also, I know your asking why ? well cause your not giving time to really be thankful {to} and {for} Gods creation
of the many good tiedings that He has given to all.

#3~ if your rushin around doing this and that being busy, so you
say I’m doing me, well your right its your life, but honestly what
can you do on your own ?

#4~ People love & enjoy being around people, sure it’s some that
don’t feel that way, and have created for themselves alonely world
which consist of just working and being at home, which is unhealthy
to me, cause.

Its a big world outside of your house & job, it’s many things
that could bring you so much joy & happiness, you must apply yourself.

#5~ who wants to not be remembered for being themselves with
friends & love ones, onto the people you my meet as good acquaintances
that has a fair chance to become good company to your world…

#6~Most likely you’re sitting your self up to miss out on a blessing
or two due to being busy, exspecial if someone ask for your opinion, they picked you out of many people, oh my fault you don’t think, how many times that take place ?.

Alot of people work, or is in school, or is hagging out its cool it’s your life, but if keep missing out no one want ask for your time you’ll be replaced.

Some of you may have Kidd’s & have to clean for them & self, or
may have to take part in shopping for food or other things, then
one need to sleep, these are things that have to take place, cool
you still have some freetime, to assis with your opinion.

I never band what I can’t understand, mother always told me if you
like, care, love another you must give your time, and when you do things unanimously that makes another person feel special, it touches ones heart and creates trophy memory that last forever, with bragging rights.

#7~ People make moves ahead of schedule, being late is bad business, but being early means business is more important then not being at all, not being at all puts you in your own way.

# ~ 8 And for not being at all, it’s very damaging to yourself, oh I said
that, you must do your part, and God said, seek knowledge and mingo
with others, you was created as a server to God and his creation, ask
yourself what part are you playing ? share some knowledge I’m waiting.

Limits are to be pushed so you can gain more ground within yourself and to assis others, so please don’t settle for less that’s not wanting the good for self or others.

I would put more then one story on this page, but I don’t want my content to be to long, and lose it’s strength.

Well Im hoping many like my new content, and have given me your time, thoughts, opinions, bad or good,
Bring It.
It’s your world, but you can’t make it rotate.

Be kind to people.
Thanks again stone city blog for giving me this outlet to share my knowledge.

Take care

Steve Anderson
DOC #288318

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