Jonathan Gordon


Thanks/Praise to God


CPM Jones, CPM Bohon, Secretary Senior Troy

Lyon Dhanukhharrisingh, Lee Posner, Greg Levine, Jim Markey

CPM Bohon welcomed everyone to the meeting. JPay representatives introduced themselves & stated the purpose of the meeting was to discuss what has been going on since their last visit & what issues the facility is experiencing.

The meeting was conducted as an open forum with the following comments and/ or issues stated:

> Positives/features since the last JPay visit:

• The offenders like the overall product & are happy with the graphics of the JP5.
The games feature is also very popular.
They are appreciative of the effort JPay has put forth to produce a quality product.

• Second kiosks have been added to each pod in the units

• Offenders now have the ability to purchase E Cards

> Questions/issues raised:

• The second kiosks have been creating issues such as lag in log on time, keyboard freezing up & visitors not being able to hear the offender during video visits.

• JPay will look into this issues to try to determine what is causing the issues.

• There seems to be slower download times with the JP5.

• This problem should be alleviated once the downloads are completed with the transfer from JP4s to JP5s.

There are a lot of people using the system right now, which slows down the system. JPay will look into the possibility of increasing the broadband if available.
This process could take 6-8 weeks.

• Will offenders be able to download video grams to the JP5?

• Video grams are now their own product rather than attachments.

Families can send a video gram straight from their smart phones, but the technology is not yet available to download it from the kiosk.

It should be offered in the future but there is no specific time frame.

Thanks for your time!!!



• There is talk of the JP5 being a refurbished version of the JP4 rather than a new product; is this true?

• The JP5 is a completely different product from the JP4.

They both have different green boards driving them. The bigger screens have not yet been approved for this state so that is why offenders are seeing the same size screen as the JP4.

• Some family members have been having issues signing up for a JPay account. It will state they are not an approved visitor.

• Family members must log in exactly as their name appears on the visit list.

• Can larger photos be sent in or do they have to be cropped to a certain size?

• Photos will have to be cropped due to capacity of the JPay system.

• Will offenders be able to send outbound video grams?

• At this time DOC had only approved inbound video grams.

• Does JPay have the ability to pre-download music before the new player is sent?

• It is something JPay will look into.
If this is an option, it may take longer to receive the product.

• Can offenders send pre-paid stamps to their family?

• JPay has the ability, but it must be approved by headquarters.

• Can the regular JP4 be upgraded to the JP4.5?

• No. The JP4 series is no longer available.

Offender would need to upgrade to the JP5 model.

They are currently $59.99 with a $20 credit available.
After March 22, 2016, the price will increase to to $69.99.

• The JP4s lock once a JP5 is purchased.
It will not unlock until the JP5 arrives.

• JPay is aware of the issues & is working on solving it.

• When you purchase music, why does it take some songs longer to “fetch” than others?

• The facility’s hard drive only holds so much.
It keeps the more popular songs, while the less popular songs drop off.

If someone has recently purchased the same music, it will be a faster download time then if it is a brand new song that is being purchased or one that has not been purchased as often.

If you find it is “fetching” more than a couple days, submit a help ticket.

How do you delete music from your list?

JPay is not allowed to delete music from your list as the offender who has purchased it is the owner of that music.

• Can you delete sent sent emails?

• Emails automatically fall off once the limit reaches 200.

JPay will move the request forward however to let the offenders delete which emails they would like.

Thanks for your time!!!



• Offenders must log on once a month so their device will not lock up.

• This is a security feature to ensure the JP device is still being used by the correct person.

• Photos attached to emails delete even if even they are moved to the photo album.

• JPay is currently working on this issue.

• If music is paused for more than a few minutes, the JPay5 makes a ticking sound.

• JPay will research to see if it is a notification that the device is still on or if it just a bug in the system.

• Does the JP5 have the ability to send pictures to multiple people at one time.

• Not at this time.

• Some offenders are having issues with their JP4 after the JP5 was implemented.
They are finding it difficult to get attachments, ect.

• The JP4 & JP5 are working on the same network with conflicting technology.
When one system is fixed it may affect the other.

• Can money be transferred from the media account to pay on the phone account?

• No, as these are 2 separate companies.

• What is the possibility of getting individual docking stations?

• Docking stations are not available for the 4″ screens.

• Can emails be forwarded?

• No

• Once email invitations have met their limit, can it be reset?

• Doc had limited the amount of email invitations you can have.
The list can be reviewed to see who you are sending them to & you may be able to have it reset through a help ticket.

The easiest solution would be to have your family/friend add you to their list.

Can additional money be added to the JPay account or the amount be changed once you have submitted a request?

• No. Once your request has been submitted, you may not change it.
You are only allowed up to put a request in once every 2 weeks.

• The audible alarm clock is not working.

• Jpay will look into the issue.

• What are some of the future features coming out or you are hoping to have approved?

• Outbound video grams

• More educational capabilities

• Movies are being discussed

> In conclusion, JPay stated they will be meeting with DOC headquarters this afternoon & will take some of the wish list items to them to see if they may be approved.

Thanks for your time!!!

Jonathan Gordon
DOC #793350

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