Jonathan Gordon


What’s crackin?
I hope this letter reaches you in the best of heart, mind, body, spirit & health.

Remember that I mentioned the guy named Che (shay) Tee (Taylor) that was killed by Seattle police a couple weeks ago?

Well earlier this week on Kiro news channel 7 they did a brief little spiel about the incident. They show the only video they have that recorded the incident. The Taylor family Lawyer also did a little piece saying that the police keep changing their story about what happened.

First they said that he reached for a 9 mm inside the car. Then they said he displayed it in his waistband. In the video you can’t really see much. All you can see is Che T standing on the passenger side of a white Ford Taurus with the door open, he bends down as 2 Seattle cops walk up next to him.

You see the cop closests to him point his gun right at Che T’s head or neck area as the other cop creeps up behind him. Che T falls next to the car then the cop bends over with his gun still pointed to his head & the other cops rushes up behind him..

I don’t know how much more there was to it, but that is all that Kiro 7 Showed.

Like I said before I did time with him at Walla Wall and his family is well known in Seattle

Jonathan Gordon
DOC #793350

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