Ernest Ripoli


As a kid my dad wasn’t really around for me,he was off doing his own thing & never cared to come look for me or even come to my highschool graduation-of 6 years of highschool.
But I did get to meet my real dad & he was the asshole that my mom had been telling me about for years,but I did’nt want to listen.
In the end, I had to find out the hard way that my dad was just a bad man.

Now years later, I have kids of my own & I feel awful for not being there for them right now & I worry if they will reject me for when I get out of prison.
I have promised myself to NEVER MISTREAT my own kids as my own father mistreated me.

I LOVE MY KIDS & I am sorry as hell for being in my position, I pray that they can forgive me for my past of being stupid.
But I have never stopped thinking of them & I have ALWAYS sent them their BIRTHDAY,CHRISTMAS CARD ALONG WITH THE MANY LETTER’S THAT I DON’T KNOW IF THEY EVER GOT TO READ.

I have to live with this & pray that they ( my kids) can & will give me a chance.

thank U

Ernest Ripoli
DOC #723014

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