Steve Anderson

Words For God only


Supplications to god concerning things which none can grant except Him.

This is considered to be worship of God because it exemplifies ones dire need before God, and it demonstrates turning to Him as well as belief that He can do all things, generous, possessor of great benifit and mercy.

So whoever supplicates to other then God concerning something which none can gant besides God, then this person has committed sin, and is considered a disbeliever.

Whether the thing one invoked is dead or alive.

Calling upon the living concerning affairs that only the creator has rights to answer upon.

To the dead or the absent concerning
affairs which they are incapable of doing any assistance at all they want be helping in any way.

Calling upon such individuals a belief that they possess some type of control over creation and due to this you are concsidered a polytheist.

Steve Anderson
DOC #288318

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