Dickie Oppen Jr.



Well my friends I now now what its like when the kid leaave the nest. My dog finished his training and has moved to his new place at the PAWS rescue center. I sure hope he finds a home. He was a special dog that loved to be loyal and protective.
An update on the S*HIP Project. I have been in meetings with administration to hash out the plan. Sorry I have not wrote much lately but I had surgery on my dominate hand (right). will be up and writing in no time. Hope the weather is nice where you are and you are enjoying it. Me I am blessed and waiting for my new puppy. So for now I will rest and enjoy the weather. Be kind to one another, Gods grace is always present. If You Like to write I will respond. Pen-Pals are a great way to express each other and get to know the world. willyou write?
Love in Christ until then.


Dickie Oppen Jr.
DOC #947545

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