Derik Maples

beautiful sequence

I can still see your face, amongst other women hoping to take your place,

You showed me how to love,
you taught me how to listen,

With the hopes that i would be able to pick up the pieces that are missin,

Is it wrong of me?
Or strong of me?

For loving you unconditionally !

you challenged me for the better,
And made one day feel like forever,

Thank you for that…………..

even after i gave you reason to leave,

eVen when i didnt love my self,

you reminded me that i am special,
So im here to say it helps,

It helps, when i think about your happiness even if its not with me,
it helps when i think about the memories and how it used to be,

–i would trade it all in, to do it all again–

If we could some how rewind time well living in the present,
Then we could some how make a king out of a young peasent,

the sequence could be beautiful,

so thats why i say,

some how,

some way,

we can do it all again one day…. I love you !

Derik Maples
DOC #885051

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