Wendell Adams Jr.


Hello world, its me knowledge again! My entry to the universe today is about vision.

As i sat at work today and pondered on my life, goals and plans, i asked myself what is it that i am missing to get me to the next phase that life has for me?

The word vision came to me. I have to say that was the right word. Not because i lack vision,

but because my vision i have for my life is clear. And also its time to excel in my greatness despite me being incarcerated.

As a incarcerated male, at times we tend to bypass our vision to live in the comfort of right now,

and as i was working i kept asking myself, knowledge what is it that you need to do in order to for all your dreams to become reality?

I cam to the conclusion that i need to seperate my wants and focus solely on my needs.

Because what im truly seeking to gain out of life starts with creating a clear vision and map to navigate through the oppression that we all face being incarcerated.

When i got off work i immediately went back to the drawing board in my cell and began structuring my vision so that i can properly excel and achieve my dreams.

I will not spend another day not going after what is rightfully mine which is success, greatness, and most importantly my FREEDOM!!

Peace to the world, and before i close; my question to you all in society is;

Will you waste another day or will you take charge now? Destiny is designed by self, so why waste the greatest gift ever The Mind!!

I hope you enjoy and ponder on what is your vision and how will you make it become reality?
All eyes are on you….

Wendell Adams Jr.
DOC #881658

aka: knowledge

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