Steve Anderson


Them, most of all races boys, girls, man and ladies wanna be down
with some kind of curuption so bad that ther’re willing to fuck up a good life that some of us would love to have.

You must underdstand a good home environment along with good education also brings a succes story that others can take from, just
as when one have to struggle on their journey and have a strong foundition in self discipline thats winning within also a success story.

When it gets bad for another many will pull a move that involuing hurting or even killing another to gain, ( all actions can be called the come up, the move, the shake down, its many other names as in
taking anothers sh-t, it’ll never meet your needs over time cause it anit

This is apart of life cause it been going on for ever, but it’ll never make
since to want go from good living to going to hang in the slums or on the block and claim a set, it stronger ressons why people join a gang
and when one understand them reasons just as I do today well its a
better fixser then joining a gang, you have to identify the ituation first.

Im not hating due to the fact I played for real puttin in work majorly, banged out, loced out, cripped out, and the way I walked told you the truth on my life. As I have said I have no bragging rights for what the old Steve took part in, as for today Im still a becoming man but I hold much knowledge that assis me in making better decision.

Now I understand more then alot and is still mending my actions
cause I was that kid, man banged out for my set, but it was no body
that had power over me so I keept what I did away from the ones I
loved but yes it still affected all around people.


Steve Anderson
DOC #288318

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